New Year

It’s a new year, and I’ve been reading through this special blog, grabbing snippets to paste into the annual family photo album I like to make.  It’s been really cool to read my observations, and I was struck again with what a gift recording these notes can be. So I’m endeavoring again to write some more.

Right now, Pip is two and 3/4s.. she’s not really a “pip” anymore, either! I was holding her hand the other night in bed and thought to myself, whose hand is this? It’s not the hand of a little child! She’s so big now!

She rationalizes and talks and outsmarts me – the other afternoon she wanted some milkies (yes, we are still nursing although I am working on weaning her) and I told her she could have some before bed. Without a moment’s hesitation she informed me she was sleepy and then asked for milkie’s again. Cheeky monkey!

We went to England over the holidays and she was a spectacular traveler for that long journey (17 hours door-to-door, a feat for us adults, nevermind a toddler). I was nervous the sounds of the engines on take-off would scare her, but my husband and I were determined to be as excited as possible about the flight, thus role modeling for her that it’s something enjoyable and exciting, not nerve-wracking. And she was totally fine – in fact, she nearly fell asleep in my arms within an hour except I had to buckle her in and she woke up. No sweat- she watched some TV before passing out. She had a quick cry halfway there, then slept again until it was time to land, when she sleepily but happily sucked a lollipop. The hour tube ride caused a resurgence of said lollipop, as the poor thing threw up during the morning commute on the crowded tube. It was wonderful to enter into our loved ones’ open arms when we finally arrived!

We saw a fun Pantomime (aka “Panto”) of “Jack & the Beanstalk” at the intimate and beautiful Harrogate Theater. A Panto is a mix of a musical and theatrical performance where the actors interact with the audience. The kids LOVED it, as did I. Singing, clapping and shouting “watch out behind you!” makes for a truly entertaining day. There’s gotta be a huge market in America for Pantos!

In England we barely saw the sun, but when we returned home it was to a snowstorm! The icy sparkle the next day, plus Pip’s glee at the magical wonderland made it all worth it.


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2 Responses to New Year

  1. Mary Clewes says:

    Hello lovely Carrie, I don’t seem to have any other means of communicating with you as you don’t seem to be on facebook anymore and I can’t find your email address so thought I’d say hello! Hope you enjoyed your time in England, too little time and too many people to visit I’m sure!
    Anyway hope you’re all ok, we think about you all lots, and hope to hear from you soon. X

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