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Sunday Surf 2.12.12

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf! The Sunday Surf includes some of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy! I have some real gems this week to share with you! (I figured a day early is better than a day … Continue reading

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Our Dairy-Free Experiment

A few months ago I used Amazon’s “look inside!” feature to browse through some parenting books I was considering buying. One was Take Charge of Your Child’s Health by George Wootan, and in my perusal I read an interesting quote … Continue reading

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Turning the Machine Off

I have some pretty cool news: the machine is officially OFF. The pumping machine – aka MYSELF – is done. The beginning of the end was at about 15 months, when we finished the last of our freezer supply. (15 … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding for Brain Cells and Fingernails

Today is the final day of World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I’d sneak in under the wire to share my thoughts on my breastfeeding experience. Before becoming a mother, I never really had an opinion on breastfeeding. I knew … Continue reading

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Not All “Firsts” are Welcome

This week we had a scare with Pip, and had a first that I was hoping we wouldn’t have to face for a long time… the first ER visit. Everything’s OK, so feel free to read ahead without being nervous. … Continue reading

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(Nearly) 15 Months Development

Pip turns 15 months next week and the last few weeks have been huge in her physical development. She’s suddenly crawling where she only scooched before, and she is climbing UP now, like up onto her wee-sized overstuffed chair.  Her … Continue reading

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Your Only Job is to Breastfeed

The best advice I was given that started off my successful foray into breastfeeding was from the teacher at our breastfeeding class.  The class overall was a bit lame but I suppose it was worth it for the one tidbit … Continue reading

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