Baby Bear at 14 Months

Baby Bear is 14 months old, and 14 months full of energy, curiosity, determination, love and muscle. He is constantly on the go from the moment he wakes up. He immediately goes to the hot spots: the nightlight in the wall, the computer left charging over night, the bathroom (climbing the stool, toilet or tub), the kitchen trash can, the stairs, the coffee table that he heaves himself up on, or the train table that he scales and uses his new height to turn the lights on and off.

His new favorite game is Duck, Duck, Goose. Last weekend he was hitting his sister on the head and saying “duh!” when it finally clicked (duh!) that he was imitating us playing DDG. Since then we’ve had a lot of fun with him, and he will now whack his sister on the head and then run off down the hall in delight, waiting to be chased. We all have released a lot of energy and had lots of laughs playing this silly little game; who woulda thought?!

His vocabulary is increasing to more words beyond “duck!” too; he now says his version of “bath,” “ball,” “dada,” “papa,” and after several days of intentional use, I can confidently add “mama” to that list. It’s so exciting to hear his words!

As with his learning to walk, this new speech seems to have just quietly snuck up on us. Although I was vividly aware of him physically developing from rolling to rocking to crawling to standing, it seemed his walking
just happened. (And he was off- running! Climbing! Racing!) And now his talking seemed to have just happened too…his noises shapeshifting into words so seemlessly that it isn’t until after I respond to him that I realize, hey he just said bath!

Beyond speaking he understands so much. The other day my husband asked Pip if she wanted to read a book, and Baby Bear goes right to the book shelf, picks up his truck book and brings it over to him with an insistent grunt.

But some of my favorite moments come at night..when I’m nursing him to sleep, if he isn’t instantly knocked out by the milk and warm bed, after a suckle he will climb next to me in bed and put his arm around my neck. He turns his head away and lies next to me, just holding on. He does this often, and despite his age and mine, there is something in the gesture that is equalizing and ancient. It feels protective and loving, and I feel protected and loved when he does it. ❤️ I have felt this way with Pip too, when she is moved by some unknown reason to comfort me, even before she knew how to talk, too. I think this is because kids speak with their souls; they listen and love in open and intuitive ways.

️May he always hold on, and may I always notice, and give thanks, when he does.

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