Late May Gardening

I love my garden! It is so fun to go out every day and see all the new things that are happening.

Petunias & Peas

The ripe strawberries are the star of the show right now. They are absolutely delicious, melt-in-your-mouth berries. You have to be very careful picking them because they are so soft they can melt between your fingers. We buy organic strawberries all the time, but even they taste like a mild strawberry flavoring in comparison to the real thing grown right outside your front door.

So simple yet so incredible

The peas are beautiful too, sending out curly feelers to grow and climb toward the sunshine. Little peapods are forming in between their closed leaves, beautifully ripening each day.

Reaching Pea

I think I missed the kale this year, which is a HUGE bummer, because I ate that every day last summer!!!!  The garden center I relied on for my early veggies (lettuce, onions, kale, leeks) didn’t have any kale. Now there’s none to be found in the other garden centers. But I haven’t given up – I still have two spots dedicated to it and am hoping I run across it somewhere. Now that I think of it, they also didn’t have any leeks or onion sets to transplant. I might have to go to a bigger center next year.

Box of Carrots

Since it’s  Memorial Day weekend I decided it was OK to start planting my warmer-weather friends:

  • Basil
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Cucumbers
  • “Waterlemon” (as Pip calls it)

And I also threw in some celery for good measure. A few more squares of carrots were added, too.  Unfortunately, the edamame we planted didn’t take – not one! We replanted them last weekend but I’m not sure they’ll grow or not.

Nearby, the potatoes are absolutely thriving!! After being uncertain if they were even going to sprout, they have just taken off in leaps and bounds. In fact, I’ve hilled one corner of the box as much as I can possibly hill it! They are very eager growers. My husband’s already planning what to make with them. :)

18″ of Hilled Potatoes

Here’s how the layout looks now. Things change as the season progresses, and I find different things to plant or other things are not available. Everything is planted except for 8 of the 9 tomatoes. I will be going on a tomato plant hunt this weekend for the ones I want. :D

Garden Layout I wish I had written down when I planted each veg, so I know for next year and so I can track days to harvest. I’ll have to be more conscious of doing that next year.

Another exciting development is that I’ve inspired one of my neighbors to garden! They said they like seeing what I’m growing and started their own in their yard! YAY for gardening neighbors! I am going to bring them my extra basil to see if they want to plant it. :)

My flower beds are also thriving. Things are blooming, every day surprising me. I love it!

front bed roses


May Night Salvia

Smelling the roses

What does your garden look like this month? What are you most looking forward to eating? :)

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