Sunday Surf: May 13th

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

Sunday Surf 2012

Here’s some of my favorite articles that I read this week. Enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous, energetic, thoughtful, loving, hard hard hard working Mamas out there. You inspire me!

Most of the internet was in a flurry this week after Time magazine came out, with the headline “Are You Mom Enough?” accompanied by a photo of a mom nursing her three year old on the cover.  I’ve read some tremendous responses to this cover (and  article) and wanted to share my favorites below:

“Newsflash: The entire GOAL of the first year(s) of life is to build attachment between parent and child. When this happens, children can grow up emotionally healthy, develop positive self-esteem and build relationships.”

And also, two more articles I read before all this broohahah that pretty much reinforce why I personally parent in this way.


Thanks to Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for hosting this fun Sunday ritual! Visit their pages for more Sunday Surfs!

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