Sunday Surf: May 6, 2012

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

Sunday Surf 2012

Here’s some of my favorite articles that I read this week. Enjoy!

  • What Makes a Terrific Parent? {The Huffington Post, written by Alfie Kohn} I love Kohn, and his advice has changed the way I parent. His latest article is up to his usual standards.
  • Bonding Matters: The Chemistry of Attachment {The Baby} Lots of cool science behind attachment, and how nature helps us and our babies face this new life together.
  • Most Recalled Type of Drug Will Surprise You {} Some more eye-opening and cringe-worthy information about the most recalled type of drugs, but also good information on how to stay healthy in general.
  • What Is the Difference Between Spanking and Abuse? {Code Name: Mama} April 30th was National Spank Out Day, and Zoie at TouchstoneZ hosted a wonderful carnival on the subject. I didn’t have time this year to participate, but I enjoyed everyone’s articles, so go check them out!  I think it’s the viewing spanking/hitting from a child’s perspective, but this article by Dionna has really stayed with me.


Thanks to Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for hosting this fun Sunday ritual! Visit their pages for more Sunday Surfs!

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