Baby Girl Turns 2

My baby girl turned 2 this month.  I think I’m a year behind reality, because I’ve only just wrapped my head around her being 1!

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Two

When I look back over this year, I can’t believe what a huge year it has been. There are some biggies and some subtleties and they’re all beauties.

There was the standing. The toddling. The walking. Oh! It was mesmerizing and thrilling to see her take her first steps.  I’ll never forget that rush of love and pride and amazement in my heart and through my body as she tottered between me and my husband in the living room one evening.



Every time I’m in our local LL Bean store, I remember the section of the store where she took off walking, propelled forward by gravity and sheer determination – and where she fell and bumped her head!

Now at 2 she runs and is mastering jumping and can stand and dance, skips on the couch cushions and bounces on the bed.



Her vocabulary has skyrocketed this past year.  I want to record all the sentences she speaks in one day, but I honestly couldn’t keep up with her even if I tried! She has a LOT to say and in particular loves to tell us about her day. She also loves to read aloud, using words from the book and names of our family and neighbors to tell the story.



She seems to take a delight in showing people things that delight her. She loves to point out to us a motorcycle or bird, and oh watch out for those windmills, she not only insists you look and respond, but she will then serenade the windmill with a song. She LOVES windmills (yes, those big white turbines… as well as the little pinwheels. But it’s the turbines she serenades).

She is extremely compassionate in ways that surprise me. Anytime any of her friends at school get hurt, or sad, she is the first to rush to them, rub their back, tell them “it’s okay,” and look all concerned in their eyes. If there is something nearby that has been known to scare her, she will rub my or my husband’s back and tell us, “It’s okay, mommy. Just a car.” She gives hug and comfort freely and happily.

heart to heart

heart to heart

She loves to giggle. She loves to be chased around the house or on the couch cushions, and loves to collapse in my arms laughing (often, and hysterically, accompanied by a great big sigh and an “oh god!”).  She likes when I nuzzle her neck and make her laugh. She loves being silly and playing peekaboo and putting funny things on her head. Recently I started rhyming words to her which caused her to laugh and say, “silly mommy!” It was the first time that she’s laughed at what I’ve said without doing anything, rather than at something I’ve done.  I don’t know, but it seems more intellectual to me to be able to find words funny.

sock head

sock head

Her comprehension of words does astound me. The other day her teacher asked what their discussion was about now, and Pip answered, lounging back against the ball pit, one arm over her head, “Earth. ” When her teacher asked “what do we plant in the earth?” Pip answered, “Flowers. And beans.” They had had a discussion about the flowers earlier, but hadn’t mentioned beans.  But she and I had planted beans that previous weekend. Whoa.

She loves to watch people. She often becomes transfixed with watching other kids that she doesn’t know. Sometimes I think she’s in a daze, but as soon as the kid is out of earshot, she is babbling up a storm about them, talking to them, and calling for their attention again.  If she knows them, she is quite vocal in telling them what to do but doesn’t mind doing it herself to show them first.

transfixed by the scooter

transfixed by the scooter

Some of her favorite things are swimming, swinging, watering the garden, running up and down the hallway with her stroller (and one of us beside her pushing the other cart), painting, helping (“Pip do it” she says), watching the next-door neighbor play basketball, reading, playing with water, watching videos of herself, doing yoga (which she hilariously calls “yogurt”) and cooking on her kitchen.  Some of her favorite foods are corn on the cob, peas, beans, grapes, strawberries, Goldfish crackers, and chocolate.

One and Two with Sunglasses

One and Two with Sunglasses

She is all this and so much more. More than I could ever name. More than there are words for.

Her teeth are coming in, her body is growing, her hair is growing (and being cut for the first time!) It’s amazing to me. It’s a pure, simple, miracle.

I carried you inside me for 9 months!

When you were born, you could only blink!

Now she walks and talks and laughs and hugs and comforts and shares and delights – forever delights – me and my husband.



My miracle baby. Happy 2 years Pip. Or as you say, “Happy Day.”

Mmm, yes… Happy every day. :)

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2 Responses to Baby Girl Turns 2

  1. What a lovely tribute to your little girl! I can identify with so much of this. Baby is 22 months and seems to share a lot of the same qualities. I can’t believe he will be two in a couple of months!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t imagine the awe and sense of embrace Pip will experience years from now when she reads what you create for her. To be so loved is a treasure beyond measure! :-) at the rhyme….

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