Code Talk

I love how my husband and I have started talking to each other in code so Pip won’t overhear and hone in on a word that’s sure to start the pleas or tears when we can’t deliver.

“Honey, what did you think of the new piece of equipment in the back behind our house?”

“Honey, can you grate the white block of food please?”

“Did you buy any of the yellow snacks shaped like a sea animal?”

And of course there is the spelling of words: “pg” seemlessly replaces “playground,” even among extended family members. “N-a-p” and is also popular around that tie of day, and then there’s the “c-a-r” if the neighbor’s remote control car that scares her is out.

Who knew when we became parents of a toddler we could add coder/decoder to our list of talents?

{In case you were wondering, above we were talking about the swing set, cheese, and goldfish crackers above, respectively. But I don’t really believe our coding skills were that good to deceive you!}

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