Sunday Surf: April 15

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

Sunday Surf 2012

Here’s some of my favorite articles that I read this week. I split them up into categories to make browsing easier. Enjoy!


  • More Things To Do Instead Of Turning On The TV (and it’s Printable!) {Childhood 101} Cool graphic with fun ideas to print out and hang on the fridge for those moments you need some inspiration.
  • The Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Family Rhythm {Natural Parent’s Network} This post spoke to me as I have recently been pondering routines versus rituals. I really liked the idea of outlining our family’s rhythm, and plan to do this on paper. I think this exercise will be insightful!
  • Toddler Wearing {} As a happy toddler-wearing mom, I loved this article! The history and ease of baby wearing is fascinating to me, and the joys of toddler wearing come across in Cole’s writing. My favorite quote: “I have worn him in a sling almost every day of his life, often for many hours at a time; my body strengthening as his grows. We have grown together in this journey.”
  • The Top 10 Books I Think Every Mama Should Read {Goddess Guidebook} I haven’t read any of these but they look good!

Health and Home

  • Is your “healthy” diet making you sick, tired, or fat? {Simple Mom} Awesome article on food intolerances with manageable suggestions on how to discover and eliminate the offending foods. After our wild success with eliminating dairy from Pip’s diet, I had to share this.
  • Toxins in Candles: Sad, But True {Keeper of the Home} Totally sad. I knew it but wouldn’t research it to prove it. Now that I know… oh well, let’s support the bees, then!
  • Frugal, green cleaning tips {Hobo Mama} Lauren’s ongoing list of suggestions keep getting better and better in this article. I love me some vinegar, and am interested in employing some of her other ideas too!
  • Our Selves, Other Cells {} A fascinating scientific article on how some cells of children may literally remain in their mothers – and vice versa. :)

Misc. Feel Good


Thanks to Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for hosting this fun Sunday ritual! Visit their pages for more Sunday Surfs!

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