Spring ’12 Gardening

Happy Gardening Season!!!

Let's get busy!

Let's get busy!

It’s April 2nd..which means I’ve already had my annual gardening planning date with my friend and co-gardener, Andrea! (Hi Andrea! hee!) We have just as much fun having a yummy, relaxed lunch together as we do drawing our garden bed plans.

I have big plans for this year’s garden!  First step was to move my raised beds from the shady backyard to the sunny front yard!

Yes, I learned a big lesson last year, and that is: the sun isn’t in the same position in the winter as it is in the summer. Ha, ha, d’oh! Also: leaves that appear in the summer will block out sunshine you see in the wintertime! Finally: what grows in a shady vegetable garden? Nothing!

I attended a talk at the RI Flower Convention about “Gardening in Public,” presented by Roger Swain.  He encourages everyone to move your garden to your front yard, for no other reason than to let other people know you’re gardening.  Since I needed the sunshine, I decided to hell with the front lawn and moved the beds. (And you know what? I’ve already made a gardening friend! A neighbor who lives down the street stopped and admired my beds and then beeped on her way to home depot to get her own. :)

We actually have a great front lawn for veggies: it’s wide enough I can take a chunk from the edge, we’re on a quiet street, and the beautiful sun shines on it all. day. long. My kind friend and I spent a morning out there going over and over and over the layout until we had it juuuuust right.

Garden layout

Second step for this year’s garden: add two more raised beds.  Unfortunately I couldn’t wait for my father-in-law to visit (plus I have other plans for his carpentry talents, heehee) so I just bought two beds from Home Depot, $35 each, thank you very much. Pip and I popped them together and my hubby nailed on weed cloth and chicken wire.  We filled it with soil and are ready to go!

Third step: put up the fence! After last year’s debacle with that groundhog, I knew we needed a fence. Plus having it in the front yard makes me a little nervous about dogs and or others, and it keeps Pip fenced in with me when we’re out there.   Neither my husband nor I have ever put up a fence before, but thank God for the internet, and I think we’re doing pretty good!  It’s about half up (the store only had one roll of fencing and we needed two), and next we’ll add chicken wire to the ground so the animals don’t dig under it.

Building a raised bed garden

Building a raised bed garden

Fourth step: get planting! With four beds I have so much more space, and I’m so excited. I am planting things in the Square Foot Gardening method, which is designed for raised beds, allowing you to plant much more by the square foot instead of the traditional space-hogging rows. I’ve decided I’m going to do one entire bed for strawberries.  YUM!!

Other newbies to my garden this year: edamame, baby bok choy, and potatoes!

The peas we're planting this year

What are your gardening goals? Trying any new vegetable? Adding more beds? Do you garden in public, too? Tell me about it in the comments!

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1 Response to Spring ’12 Gardening

  1. fraurab says:

    This inspires me to build a raised garden bed with my husband. Eight months ago we moved into a house and the lot is half the size of our old house. My mom just gave us a book talking about the Square Foot Gardening and I think it’s perfect for us. Wow, planting edamame! That’s awesome! I would love to try strawberries, too.

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