Sunday Surf

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

The Sunday Surf includes some of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy!

Sunday Surf 2012

Happy Sunday! I’ve got a lots of links for you to enjoy today!

  • A thoughtful post (and part 2) from Secrets of Baby Behavior on the family that was recently in the news for being asked to disembark from an airplane when the toddler wouldn’t sit in her seat.  (In fact, I was so glad to discover this site, as I found every post at Secrets of Baby Behavior insightful and easy to read. I’d recommend taking a look around if you have time.)
  • How to Build Independence in Play is the focus of this post at Natural Parents Network. The ten step suggestions will be helpful to keep in mind any time we’re trying to cultivate more independence in our children.
  • Another great post from Natural Parents Network, this one on how to Nurture Touch in Older Children.
  • Are You Too Busy?” helped me reflect on my priorities. “It’s not a priority” is a great way to rephrase “I don’t have time,” and it’s also what I’d unknowingly done to so much in my life since having a baby. For me, Pip was my priority…and I know everything else can go on without me, and my other passions will be waiting for me when I’m ready and able to make them a priority again.

And for some fun stuff!


Thanks to Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for hosting this fun Sunday ritual! Visit their pages for more Sunday Surfs!

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2 Responses to Sunday Surf

  1. fraurab says:

    Great links! I liked reading the blocks, non-candy birthday treats, independent play and nurturing touches in older children posts. Thanks!!

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