Leaps and Bounds

It seems Pip’s now learning so much at such a fast rate I can’t keep up! I like documenting her new discoveries and some of our aha moments together, so here’s a few tidbits I recently shared with friends:

She learns at lightening speed. When we teach her something new, it was like she was just *waiting* for us to teach her.  Like for instance,  I recently read something about teaching kids more than just their numbers and colors- teaching them abstract notions too. This was in the back of my mind when I shut off the lights the other night. I was holding Pip as I turned them off, then on, and off. So I explained, “dark.” It was like she was just waiting for the /words/ to describe what she already knew. (And since its an abstract concept, she couldn’t point to it like she does everything else and ask, “da?” aka “what’s that?”)

She has grasped that “dark” concept to the point where she looks at this jack o’lantern trinket we have kicking around, which isn’t working, so she holds it and says “pumpkin broken. Batteries broken. Dark.”  As she peers into the broken pumpkin’s smile, lol! The crazy thing is, I don’t remember ever telling her that it should light up??

Another example is with the traffic lights.  We are now obsessed with watching and calling out the colors of the traffic lights. This was born out of our need to get home from daycare without a cryingfest.  She usually ends up shouting out, “Green! Stop! Red! Go!” but she picks up on them changing at least. Every time we drive home, she narrates the different things we see every day: flag, buses, train tracks.

My “trick” to getting her to move from one thing to another (like to eventually move into the house rather than stand on the step and stare at the airplanes, for instance) is to say “bye, airplanes.” In my head at least, this closes the one activity and allows us to get to the next thing. So it’s pretty hysterical and crazy to hear Pip now saying, “Bye, airplanes. See ya lata airplanes.” (Which I guess I add on without even knowing it!) She’ll say this to the birds, the flowers, the toothbrushes, whatever we’re leaving behind haha.

Of course some more phrases in her repertoire are: “No mommy,”  “Go away mommy,” “No way!” and I might have even heard her say “Oh sh*t!” after she (purposefully) emptied her water bottle on the table yesterday. OOPS! Gonna have to start watching my language a bit more!

She knows hot and cold. So anytime she has dinner, it’s warm but she says “hot” and won’t eat it. So we taught her “warm,” in other words,  “it’s hot but okay to eat.”  She knows she can eat warm but not hot.

So last night we had burgers and her absolute favorite, grilled potato wedges. Right off the grill, they were very hot. She picked out a few and we put them on her plate and she and us were like, “hot hot hot” because she wanted to dig in. I cut them up and she kept poking them as we explained,”hot.”

Then she picked one up and indicated it to me and said in this hopeful voice, “warm?” like, willing it to be so.

We also have been playing hide and seek in the house. Mostly with her following me around as I “hide” my face in my hands.  But the best version is when she wants to play hide and seek with me, while in my arms! 

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One Response to Leaps and Bounds

  1. Carrie Schoenholtz says:

    Your hide and seek experience reminded me that Ethan used to like to play hide and seek in the bath! He would close the curtain and we’d have to look out in the hallway to see if he was out there before opening the curtain to find him. Um, dude, you’re in the bathtub with no place to hide!

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