Tonight’s Goodnight

Tonight there was such sweetness in our goodnight routine that I had to share!

As we for into bed, hubby gave Pip a kiss goodnight. I got a special kiss, too. ;) Pip shortly pushed us apart and said “bye daddy!” with the enthusiasm that makes us wonder if it’s bed, the promise of milk, or him leaving that makes her so cheery. ;)

Then Pip turned to me, and said, “mommy, sleep.” She proceeded to gently urge my head onto her pillow as she cradled my face in her hands. Once I was settled to her satisfaction, she stroked my face, saying “gentle.”

After a moment, she used both hands to again cradle my head and move me to another pillow. Then she settled into stroking my face again, over and over. She watched me at first, a look of sweetness and peace on her face. Then she began to look around the room (the light was still on at this point) as if she was pondering great matters while she put me to sleep. All the while, she never stopped her ministrations.

When she saw the starry night turtle on the nightstand (which projects constellations on the ceiling), she whispered “turtle” and then turned to me, peering into my eyes and saying, “turtle? Moon?”

“You want the turtle?” I asked her quietly.

“Yes, okay,” she replied in her usual manner.

So I retrieved the turtle and shut off the light. She flipped through the colors meticulously and pointed out the moon.

Finally she shut it off and snuggled in for some milk.

It took her another 45 minutes to fall into sleep…at times I was tired and frustrated myself. But our schedule is off after being away, and I knew she’s get there eventually.

And I thought of writing this blog post to detail her caring nature, and a moment in time that may not have happened if we practiced “cry it out,” and may even not have happened if I hadn’t let her lead and instead brought out a book to read (like we usually read before bed).

It was nice to take the moment to witness her tending to me, and to commit it to memory, and to let her gently fall asleep….as I will now, on my corner of the bed, in my little corner of the world.

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