A Moment of “Ah”

I love receiving Gratefulness.org‘s Word of the Day.  This is recent one that appeared in my inbox that I loved:

When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim, “Ah,” you are participating in divinity.

Joseph Campbell

There are these moments…especially when in front of nature.. when you gasp and exclaim “Ah” at a beautiful, moving sight.  I find the more aware I am, staying in the present moment, the more I am maneuvered into that “Ah” moment.

So many of my “Ah” moments are with my daughter. Seeing her for the first time will always be the most powerful of those moments.  Then there are the other firsts, like the first time she swatted at a toy, the first time she smiled intentionally at me, and of course her first steps. They all seemed miraculous to me.  Even the “smaller” moments made me gasp “Ah,” like witnessing the first time she grabbed her foot or the first time she realized she had to turn her picture to the computer screen in order to show her artwork to her grandparents on Skype. Any time she says a new word for the first time makes me smile in “Ah.”

Seeing the Ocean

Now that she’s becoming more independent, a thinker on her own, she surprises me more often with these moments. One such time was when I pointed out a spider to her, climbing the door at eye-level as we bundled up to go out. I thought it was pretty cool, getting to show her this new thing, and pointed it out to her in a conspiratorially whisper.

Pip turned her head to the side, just watching it. It was an ugly spider, the see-through kind with knobby legs.  After a moment of silence, when I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, she started singing, “the itsy bitsy spider,” as she rocked from foot to foot, taking my breath away.

The miracles of these moments are the rewards of slowing down and paying attention.

Pip has these “Ah” moments herself, probably far more often than I do, since she’s always present, and everything is always so new to her.

I love her “Ahs”… I’ll never forget the one at Christmastime when she first saw the lights on the house lit up!! Every time we see a picture of a baby, she exclaims “Awww” with a genuineness and a loving smile that melts my heart.  When we stop to observe a bird or an animal outside, she has a more quiet gasp as she watches and takes it in.  Coming across a favorite book or stuffed animal elicits a full-body happy squeal.

Happiness watching water in a fountain

We were in an airport yesterday and each time a plane took off, streaking across the wide airport windows in front of us, she shouted “Wow!” as she pointed, grinning widely at anyone whose eye she could catch.

Wishing you many moments of ‘Ah’ this weekend…

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