Sunday Surf 2.12.12

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

The Sunday Surf includes some of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy!

Sunday Surf 2012

I have some real gems this week to share with you! (I figured a day early is better than a day late, so happy Saturday night if you’re reading this early!)

  • Oh I am SO inspired by this post on Simple Ways to Create Backyard For Play and, if possible, am even more excited for gardening and springtime to come! *Follow the links listed for more and more ideas…. your garden will never be the same! I know mine won’t!!
  • This Moment in Nursing a Child is a beautiful post about connection, support and love and the nursing relationship.
  • Talk Birth posits in her post, Motherful, some wonderful food-for-thought about what mothering really is. She challenges the common, default opinion of our society that the subtle moments of tending to a child is not wasted time or energy. I love the adjective “Motherful” that she discusses as well, and will be using it more often!
  • There’s lots you can wiggle out of doing in life,  but I liked the reminder that You Can’t Cheat Practice. So, go practice!
  • This Kind Earth is a beautiful homage to our Earth and a reminder how we are all intracetly connected with nature and the life all around us.
  • How to Find & Share Your Gifts with the World is another thoughtful post from Creative Spiritual Women. I find when I ask myself “if I could be doing anything right now, what would it be?” I am always inspired and motivated by my dreams and the creativity that draws me in. I love feeding those ideas… you never know where they may lead.


Thanks to Authentic Parenting for hosting this fun Sunday ritual! Visit her page for more Sunday Surfs!

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