Advent Update

It’s December 18th and our advent calendar has been completely crazy, kind of like my entire experience of parenting so far. LOL. Not at all what I expected but fun nonetheless.

Pip loves the advent calendar. She loves reaching into the little pocket and pulling out an ornament. She surprisingly doesn’t try to take every ornament out of all the pockets at once. Maybe she doesn’t realize they are all stuffed with an ornament? I think she does, but for some reason she doesn’t empty them. Either way, one thing is for sure: she does not like it when the ornaments are out of her sight!!

She likes to walk around with all the ornaments clutched in her hands. The first, second, third days..this was fine. She could easily grasp those few ornaments as she moved about the house, placing them down while she did something else and picking them up as she moved on.

But now there are 18 ornaments. Her little hands can’t hold 18 ornaments at once. Yet she wants to.  This frustrates her.  Sometimes she can find work-arounds, like collecting them all into one big pile, before she sweeps them all away.

I’m a little nervous we’ll lose some of the ornaments, so I’ve taken to slowly removing them and putting them on the bureau where she won’t see or miss them. We’ve also taken to skipping days. She doesn’t really notice or seem to mind.

But as soon as she’s reminded, she collects them all again, not leaving a one on the tree. And she wanders, off to play with or simply carry around her new toys.

As far as our Advent activities go, I have to admit we haven’t really done many of them. :{  It just all seems a little too time-consuming now.  It’s a lot of work!  When we do open an activity to do, I realize they are easy and quite simple. But I’ve tended to skip them for now. We have had scheduled Christmasy outings, like going to the railroad, or the town center for the tree lighting, and (while still, a lot of work) that’s been a blast.

On the train

Pip and daddy colored the alphabet book, and I keep trying to remember to “eat by candlelight” but haven’t managed it yet LOL.

The one craft we did and loved was making the angel paper plates! They came out great! Pip colored them and put stickers all over them, too.

Studiously coloring

Angel crafting with a stapler

Stapler discovery


Angel Craft

An angel on an angel


Finished Angel

How’s your advent coming along? Should I bother going down to the basement to unearth the tapering candles for tonight’s dinner? Any lucky bird out there off work already? :o)

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