20 Months of Love

Dear Pip

You are 20 months old now and each day somehow more amazing than the last.

Your favorite things now include finding a booboo, kissing it, and saying all better. Sometimes you like to poke the booboo first, though. I suppose that makes the kiss all the better.

You love going to the playground, and you shout “weee!” whenever you see the swings or slides. You also love playing with the soccer ball outside, after daddy showed you how he can kick it so high in the air.

You like to go through your day before you fall asleep, repeating your friends’ names or different things you’ve done during the day. Two nights ago you fell asleep saying “hot oooo” as if you were blowing on the hot soup you had for dinner.

You love to run back and forth, back and forth on the couch. You like bouncing and flouncing on it too. This all makes mommy and daddy nervous, but despite having fallen off of it once (!) you love it too much for us to stop it. We just perch very nearby with hands ready.

Goofy Love

Daddy has been making you eggs for breakfast every day which is now your favorite thing to eat. That, and peas! You continue to be more adventurous when you eat out: the other night at your movie night at school (which allowed mommy and daddy to have a date night) you ate all your green beans, and barely touched the mac & cheese!

Your favorite book remains “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and you can (and do) recite it in your sleep. Your other new favorite books include “Blue Hat Green Hat” which you call “Oops!” and the Doggies book. We like to get “cozy” in bed together at night and “grrr” and “woof” at each other.

You’re not very interested in the presents under the tree or taking ornaments off the tree. But you love seeing the lights come on and can point out each ornament that we talk about. You also make sure mommy and daddy don’t forget to put the candles on in the windows every night.

The cutest word you say is “candycane” which sounds like “nan-nany-nah.”

The fact that in 4 months you are going to be 2 Years Old stupefies me!!

Love, Mama

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One Response to 20 Months of Love

  1. Lauren says:

    Pip, you sound like the sweetest little lady every :)

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