Yogic Changes

The gym at my work is closing. :(  It’s a sign of the times, so to speak. Less money, less employees, less extras.

This means my Thursday Noontime Yoga Classes are over. :(

Admittedly, I’ve been doing hot yoga lately and haven’t been to class on Thursdays… too busy trying to do all my work and then get out in a timely fashion during this holiday season.  But still, having the option of the class right at work during a hectic week was truly heavenly.

And I’m going to miss my teacher, Maryann… one of the best I’ve had, and certainly one of the longest.  She was really focused on the micro movements in yoga (and in life) and gave me a great foundation and education about my body and yoga.

One of my favorite things she said:

“Yoga is not about perfection. It is about awareness. Life is not about perfection. It is about awareness.”

I was able to give her a hug today and say goodbye, on her last day. I’ll miss her loads, but maybe one day our paths will cross again..in a yoga studio or elsewhere.

And I’ll use this opportunity to be grateful for the years of yoga I had at this gym, with my the fabulous teachers and co-yogis.  Namaste, friends.

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One Response to Yogic Changes

  1. lauren says:

    Whaaaaaat?! No way!!! Looks like I got out at the right time. When are they closing? Do you know what Jennifer is going to do?
    ps – glad you liked Maryann so much, she’s a sweetheart

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