Green Gift Wrapping

Simple Mom’s post on eco-friendly and green gift wrapping ideas really inspired me this year. She says that “half of the paper consumed in the U.S. every year is used to wrap and decorate consumer products!” Holy cannoli that is a LOT of waste!

Between reading this and running out of last year’s wrapping paper, I was properly inspired to try out the green gift wrapping.

We have plenty of brown paper from all the online deliveries we’ve had recently (I think I did the majority – if not all – of my shopping online this year). I also used up the last of the holiday paper I had in storage, and reused Christmas bags as usual. :D

The brown bags wrapped up easy and looked nice even plain with a ribbon on it.  Since Pip wanted to help, we set up her little station and let her go to town with the green and red paint.

Just add paint

We even used a piece of evergreen as a paintbrush.

Of course, when I explained to her this was a “paint brush” she lifted it cautiously to her head, grinning, and proceeded to “brush” her hair. :)

Painting Presents (and Hair)

I think they all came out great, and I know everyone will enjoy opening their specially-wrapped Pip-presents. :)

Finished Product

Stay tuned after Christmas to find out what was inside them! :)


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