NaBloMoPo & My Breaking Point

NaBloMoPo was a pretty big success here at the little LNM blog. Once started, I somehow managed to post every single day! (I actually only missed one day but double posted the next day to make up for it.) I think it’s an admirable feat for any mom to do something every day outside of care for her kid(s)! lol ;)

I was giving my daughter my attention, I was working, I was sleeping the same amount, I was doing everything – plus blogging. Is it possible?  Or did something give?

Turns out my memory gave. Over the past month I’ve lost the following items:

  • My work badge
  • GPS (!) :(
  • Debit card (for a week- later found in my jean pocket! That I already checked!)
  • A bag of goldfish from the car
  • My wallet (found under a pile of diapers after a frantic search of the house/car)
  • My keys (later found in the couch cushion, which would make me think I was sitting down but I know that didn’t happen!)


Losing things like this is completely not like me.  Everything has a place, and I’m usually very conscious of making sure things go back in their place so they’re ready for me next time.

Of course, I can’t prove this is all from adding daily blogging to my day. But it’s an interesting theory that the two are related. I know when I’m thinking about a post that I’m definitely distracted. It makes sense that adding just one more thing to my overloaded brain fried me out a bit.

No room for blogging in this brain

I’m going to slow down now. Regroup a bit. Get back to “work – Pip – rest” cycle.  I won’t be posting every day..although the exercise has stimulated a lot of new ideas for me, and I know that I have the ability to write every day. But I just don’t have the bandwidth to do it on top of everything else.

And that’s OK. I’m happy making sacrifices to put my daughter and our family needs first. And when there’s energy for other stuff – may the words continue to flow!

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