2011 Advent Calendar Activity List

Here’s our 2011 Advent Activities List. Some of my inspiration came from the sites I shared in this post. I tried to include things that we can do after work/school- so, short but fun activities. Not too many crafts, since there’s not enough weekends in December to squeeze it all in. And I added in the activities we do have planned, like the railroad exhibit!

This list is geared toward 19-month old Pip… so not so much with abstract concepts and more with the literal stuff for now. (Although I love this idea for a different kind of advent calendar and look forward to doing it one day.)

And yes, there’s more than 24 items here. Oh well, maybe we’ll get a couple in on some bonus days, LOL.

  1. Visit the local Christmas railroad & lights exhibit
  2. Make all the animal noises from the animals in the manger: sheep, cow, mice, donkey, pig, duck; coloring them optional
  3. Play a Christmas shapes matching game or do Christmas puzzles (depending on which one she can grasp)
  4. Call up someone you love and sing them a Christmas Carol
  5. Paint wrapping paper green and red and wrap presents
  6. Stuff the holiday cards and mail them
  7. Put up the manger
  8. Make paper plate angels
  9. Wear crazy holiday socks to school
  10. Have snowman pancakes for dinner
  11. Write holiday notes to family and teachers
  12. Delivery holiday sweets to neighbors
  13. Go on a Christmas Lights Hunt around the neighborhood!
  14. Make Christmas cookies
  15. Have breakfast with Santa
  16. Sing and dance to your favorite Christmas songs
  17. Movie night with pajamas and favorite holiday movie
  18. Go to the library and take out a Christmas book
  19. Color a Christmas alphabet book
  20. Eat by candlelight
  21. Make a December discovery tray
  22. Tell the story of Your First Christmas: where she was, who was there, what gifts they were given, what they wore
  23. Play with cookie cutters and play doh
  24. Make a Christmas bauble
  25. Volunteer- make some Christmas cards and hand deliver them to a senior center
  26. Have a Bell Parade: walk around the house ringing all the sleigh bells you have
  27. Decorate holiday cutouts and use as gift tags
  28. Go see the decorated trees in the town center
  29. Stuff the stockings
  30. Snowman shapes craft
  31. Lie under the Christmas tree and watch the lights twinkle above

Christmas Clip Art

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3 Responses to 2011 Advent Calendar Activity List

  1. What a lovely list – sounds like you’re going to have a fun month. I’m glad you liked our paper plate angel – I’d love to see a picture if you make one :)

    • Thank you! I’ve loved browsing through your site, you have so many inspiring ideas! I sent the paper plate angel craft to my mother in law too, who will try it with my niece and nephew! I’ll definitely take photos if/when we do it. :)

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