Parenting Mishaps

(No babies were harmed in the writing of this post!)

I’ve learned that there are many different types of parenting mishaps. You might experience just a couple…. or invent a few new ones all on your own.

Mommy, when are you going to admit I'm too big for this thing?

Parenting mishaps can be slight, like an over-eagerness with the nail clippers or not knowing the shoes they’ve been wearing is two sizes too small.  Or they can be worse… hysterical..if not slightly horrifying!

Last night Pip and I were on the floor, throwing a rubber ball up in the air. She was mesmerized with the way it flew up and then fell back down.  I gave the ball to her for her to try tossing it up. I expected she’d throw it up a couple of feet and I could grab it before it landed.

Instead she threw it up a couple of inches and then it swiftly fell back and landed right on her face before bouncing away. She was fine but I was hysterical (and horrified!) that I hadn’t realized she couldn’t throw it that high, and that it would come back down and smack her in the face.

One of my husband’s and my classic parenting mishaps happened with a slide.  My in-laws bought Pip a small slide that we assembled and had waiting for her to be old enough to enjoy. Finally she was able to hold herself up sitting so we thought we’d have some fun with the slide!

We set it up in the family room. My husband was at the bottom end, hands out, waiting with excitement. I had Pip at the top of the slide, sitting up and ready to fly! “One…two…three, Go!” and with a gentle push, off she went, a couple of inches down before falling backwards and knocking her noggin on the slide. Horrifying! (also, hysterical! stupid parents!) We hadn’t realized that, while she could sit upright, she still wasn’t strong enough to keep herself upright when at an angle going down a slide. d’oh!!

So what funny parenting mishaps have you had? Send them to school with their shoes on the wrong feet (ding ding!)? Or forget their shoes all together (ding ding ding!)? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you! :o)

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One Response to Parenting Mishaps

  1. Lauren says:

    hahaaaa I’m actually laughing out loud. That was just hysterical. All things I can see myself doing :)

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