Advent Fun

I’ve been very inspired by all the fun advent ideas I’ve seen on the blogs lately. 

While we have a very special Advent calendar that we will use – one that my mom made and I used growing up – I wanted to add some fun extras.

Each pocket will contain one mini ornament to velcro on the Advent tree. Each pocket will also contain a special note with instructions to do a special something on that day.

Our Advent Calendar

More is More with Advent Calendars

I got most of my ideas from these fabulous blogs!

There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of ideas at the above blogs, with links to more fabulous Christmas and Holiday crafts and projects and downloads. If I didn’t have to work I’d do them ALL lol! Even still, we are going to get some fun projects in this year.

I’ll be back with a photo of my advent cards once they’re all printed!

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7 Responses to Advent Fun

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I can’t wait to go through our calendar (although I’m guessing we probably won’t get to every single activity ;)).

    Have fun with yours!!

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  3. Pingback: 2011 Advent Calendar Activity List | lovenotesmama

  4. Laura Murgo says:

    i loveeeed that calendar!! remember how we started eating the candies early so mom had to put one in every morning? and we would figure out what ‘days’ would be ours, and then switch the ornaments so we got our favorite ones?

    • Carrie says:

      Lmao at the candies having to go in every morning! I remember the counting days and switching ornaments!! Actually when pip and I put the first one up today I thought enviously how she wouldnt have to share turns with anyone else LMAO! Post-traumatic advent stress! Hahah

    • Carrie says:

      AND I was all excited when I saw the mouse! Remember that ornament? Guess it was my favorite lolll

  5. Laura Murgo says:

    hahahah yup remember the mouse!

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