Turning the Machine Off

I have some pretty cool news: the machine is officially OFF.

The pumping machine – aka MYSELF – is done.

The beginning of the end was at about 15 months, when we finished the last of our freezer supply. (15 months! Holy cow!)  I think I had cut back to 2 pumps a day (rather than 3) at that point, due to Pip’s drinking less and as a result, my lessening supply.  From there on out I simply pumped enough for the next day.

And then she didn’t always drink the milk when we were apart. Some days she would, and other days she’d skip it. So I went down to pumping only once a day.

Until finally… finally… I’m finished.  No more pumping.

The last of (hundreds of) its kind

The funny thing is, it’s like it never happened now. I don’t suddenly look at the clock and realize I need to rush to the pumping room, or even think with a smile that I don’t have to do that anymore. I don’t realize with a start I don’t have my pump with me.  It’s just like it used to be, pre-baby, where pumping wasn’t even on my radar.

Pumping has been a love-hate relationship for me. I love it because it allowed me to continue to breastfeed Pip despite having to return to work and be apart from her. It nourished her, and gave her some of me while we were apart. But it was tedious, time-consuming and frankly felt like another chore I had to do.

I’m still breastfeeding- before naps, before bed, and a couple of times in the middle of the night still. Right now it’s working for us, and I expect to just let Pip take the lead in weaning from the breast.  But we’ll see. If there’s anything motherhood’s taught me, is that you can’t predict anything.

Except that I won’t be sad to see the pump go away…. for now.

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