Christmas Lights for the First Time

A few weeks ago we put the Christmas lights up outside. Since it’s already snowed here, we figured we’d at least get them up so they’d be ready to turn on when the time came. Pip hasn’t seen the lights on at night, although whenever we passed by them she’d stop and point them out, probably wondering what the big deal was. ;)

Last night my husband flipped them on during the daytime, before we went out for dinner. When we got back home, the house was alight in pretty blues, purples, reds and whites of the LEDs. But the best was yet to come.

My husband got Pip out of her car seat and suddenly, from the front seat, I heard her GASP / squeal in delight and glee.  She’d seen the lights! It was the most beautiful gasp of awe you’d ever heard.  She then ran right down the sidewalk to stand in front of the doorway, staring up at the lights, enraptured.

It’s going to be a fun holiday season. :)

photo source: courtney boom
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5 Responses to Christmas Lights for the First Time

  1. Jennifer says:


  2. Joyel says:

    Just the beginning of many magical squeals of delight :D

  3. lauren says:

    omg that is just adorable :) my heart melted a little

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