Quick Blogger Poop

All moms have to be quick. Quick to eat, quick to sleep, quick to shower (if at all)… you get the point. Last night, and tonight, I’m a quick blogger.

I’m home alone with Pip tonight and have a feeling I’ll be passing out with her, so I better get my blog post in before the clock strikes midnight. Speaking of which, Happy Bonfire Day to my English reader(s). ;)

Fun facts of the day: My daughter has taken to checking other kid’s diapers to tell the teacher if they have “poopy.” She also likes to pull at my and my husband’s pants to check. I hope she never finds anything there.

It’s not ever day you do something new, although with kids it happens more often than not. But today I did something new for myself – I wiped out some body hair. Yup, I recently bought a groupon for laser hair removal and in the name of quickness (see above) and convenience and indulgence and curiosity, I’m having my pits zapped. It went very quick but it did hurt, kinda like getting snapped, hard, with a bunch of elastics.

Anyway, I think I smell a poop but my daughter can only say “no” so she’s not giving if it’s her. I better go…. I’m not sure how this all is related, but it’s a post. A quick one. Ciao!



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