Ladies in the Grocery Store

I love going to the grocery store with Pip. She says hello to everyone was pass by- old and young, men and women, and especially the kids. The kids have like this secret look they give each other- like, “if I figure out how to get outta this shopping cart I’ll let you know. We’ll meet in the chip aisle!” There’s a lot of staring that goes on between the kids- maybe they’re trying to figure out if they know each other, or trying to see if the other’s parents gave them some goldfish or not.

Nothing opens people up in the store like a baby does. People love to come up and see the new baby (the younger the baby, the more admirers she generates). But even as Pip’s grown people still like talking to and about her.

My favorite reaction (from Pip) was a few months ago when she was saying “Hi” incessantly, and someone would respond, “Hi, how are you?” and then Pip would just freeze like, “I don’t know anything beyond ‘Hi’.” That always made us laugh.

Yesterday we went to the store in preparation of our cooking Friday (which I definitely overindulged in, yum!). There was a lady behind us checking out, and she kindly watched our cart for us as we ran back to the baking aisle to pick up a new sugar sack, since the one we originally got ripped. When we returned the lady proceeded to tell me how she used to nanny for her niece, five days a week. The niece is now 11. She said that when the parents would come home at the end of the day, they’d look at her and say, “why do you always look so tired?” Ha! But the lady was sweet, saying her niece was like the daughter she never had, and she did have a son too.

Just a little story, a little interaction, only a few minutes. But it was nice. It’s nice hearing other people’s happy stories of raising children, and it’s extra sweet that Pip triggered those memories. She continually brings happiness into this world, beyond me, beyond my husband, beyond our families…even to the ladies in the grocery store.


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