18 Month Interview

Dear Pip,

I decided to interview you for your 18 month birthday (which was last week but my copy editor has gone on holiday so I’m sure you understand). As ever, you prove to be a fascinating person with your own opinions and likes and dislikes. Thanks for sitting down with me for our interview! Love you to pieces,

Mama: We’ll pretty much do this Q&A style.

Pip: You’re the boss, boss.


Favorite place to play?  Mommy’s makeup shelf or the kitchen cupboard.

I’ve got my eye on the cupboard until the sink that my parents keep locked up. I jump on that any time they forget to put the lock back on the doors.

Favorite thing at the playground? Other kids, the swing, the slide (in that order).

Favorite thing about walking? I can now carry things with me while moving at speed.

Favorite time to breastfeed? 4pm, 7pm before bed, 11pm for a midnight snack, 4am for an early morning snack, 6am if I can catch mama and 11am if we are together at nap time. I can have more than one favorite time, right?

Favorite things in general? Pumpkins, scarecrows, the moon, Snoopy, Puppy, Turtle, stars, books, bubbles, saying everyone in the room’s name over and over.

What’s the longest sentence you can say?
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” Although it sounds more like “No more mommy ump en”

Books you’re currently reading: Choo Choo, We Love School, Meg & Mog

Favorite songs: Baby Bumblebee and If You’re Happy and You Know It

Favorite accessory: Mommy’s headband

How many teeth do you have? 10 going on 12

Mama: Can you describe a typical morning to me?
Pip: On the weekends I’m first up, as my parent for some reason think they should suddenly be able to sleep in just because the day begins with an “S.” The rest of the week I let them get up first, get my coffee ready you know?

Mama: So what happens after you wake up?
Pip: I usually sit right up and then blink a lot. After that I’ll nudge mama lovingly awake with a swat, or daddy if he happens to stir and catch my attention. Then I like to do my morning stretches by standing and reaching for the blinds. At this point daddy helps me open them; I think he’s afraid I’ll break them otherwise. Then I rub my hands all over the cold window and giggle when mama warms them up.

Mama: So who gets out of bed first?
Mama does, and I cry for her! Then she comes back and I say hi. Daddy’s next and I always wave and loudly shout “bye bye daddy!” when he leaves, even if he’s coming right back, I say it with gusto!

In five months I hope to be able to open the fridge myself.

That was easy!

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4 Responses to 18 Month Interview

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a great interview subject! I’m wowed by her longest sentence, and impressed with its subject matter. ;-) <333

  2. Julie says:

    I agree! Very impressed with her typing skills! What a fun way to record her milestones :)

  3. This is so cute :) I remember trying to catch some of his toddler speak on video, just because it was so much fun to listen to (and decipher)!

    • Yes! I have some sound recordings on my iphone from when she was just a few months old and doing all those adorable baby mewing noises when she sleeps…. *sigh* It’s so awesome we have the technology to capture these beloved nuances. :)

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