Sensory Tubs & Play

I’ve been intrigued with sensory tubs and play recently, and wanted to make my own for the Pip. Right now she has a sand/water table (which we use outside for water on hot days), and there are several baskets for her around the house that I am learning have been serving as a “sensory tubs” of sorts. The one she particularly loves is in the spare bedroom and contains my hairbrush and getting-ready supplies… and now she’s standing on tip toes to grab my cosmetics “sensory tub!”

We’ve only used her table for water due to my fear of sand mess in the house, but already there are some great ideas on how to deal with any fall out mess from sensory bins. One I liked was to get a plastic tablecloth and put that beneath the bin.  A towel can also serve to catch any overflow. Older kids can be engaged and take pride in responsibility in clean up or pick up with their own sized dustbins and brooms. Seeing as Pip has recently taken to throwing things in the trash, I can see how this could work!

There are some really fantastic resources and ideas out there on creating your own sensory tubs.. check them out! Have you made a sensory tub? Do you have any ideas to share? I’ll post back with an update after we make our first one!

Counting Coconuts has a tremendous list of fun sensory bins to inspire you

Not Just Cute’s “A Handful of Fun” thorough post on sensory bins:

“Many sensory activities can be carried out on a smaller scale – literally.  Put small amounts of your materials like sand, salt, or colored rice in a shallow cookie sheet or casserole pan.  Place the pan on a towel to catch the overflow.  Allow individual children to write with their fingers, drive cars, or scoop and pour to their hearts’ content. “

Click any of the photos below for guides on these bins and more:

Valentine's Sensory Table

Valentine's Day Sensory Table - copyright

Fall Sensory Table
Fall Sensory Table, copyright

New Year's Sensory Tub, copyright

Iced Shaving Cream sensory tub, copyright

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