First Solo Flight!

So that last post should have been posted yesterday… because a lot changed between writing the post and publishing it.  While I was at yoga yesterday afternoon, my husband send me the following text:

“Pip’s walking.”


I still get giddy and gleeful when reading that!

The cool thing is, while i was in class I faced a new pose and thought “there’s no way I can do it” and my teacher told the class “if you don’t try you’ll never know.” So I went for it and I was able to hold it for maybe a nanosecond. What a proud nanosecond that was. And I thought, I bet Pip feels like this when she stands or takes a step!

Photo credit:

It was something like this only not at all

Little did I know she was going for it at the same exact moment. :)

In Flight

Happy first steps day Pip! Watch out world, she’s taking off!

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