Sugar & Spice & Baking on the Kitchen Floor

Welcome to the August Carnival of Natural Parenting: Creating With Kids

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared how they make messes and masterpieces with children. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


I love baking. I love taking wispy nothingness and wet goop and mixing them together to make magic. Baking is meditative for me. I love following a recipe, step by simple step. I love making my floured creations look good. Tasting good is even better!

This dumpling always looks good enough to eat!

My mom was a baker, one of the best I ever knew. She could bake something with one hand while taking care of four kids with the other. It was amazing. I have friends who say every time they came to my mom’s house there was a homemade treat waiting for them. I feel extra connected to her when I bake, which is another sweet bonus.

Christmas Cookies with mom

My mom teaching my sister and me the art of cookie cutting

So of course I have started sharing my love of baking with my daughter. I baked when she was still in utero, naturally. A pregnant mama has her cravings, after all! ;) And we baked together when she was still an itsy bitsy blinky baby and all wrapped up on me. That was when I could tuck her hands into the wrap and know they weren’t getting out to grab at the spoon, bowl or blender.

First birthday cake in process

Soon we graduated to her sitting in her high chair and helping me bake from there. That didn’t last long, and as soon as she could sit up on her own, we got down from the table with all our ingredients and utensils and started a baking party on the kitchen floor.

Which is why my new favorite place to bake is on the kitchen floor.

Official Taste Tester

I get a big chopping board and use that as our base, then I usually put all the vegetables or fruit we’re using (we’ve been big into muffins lately) on the chopping board. Pip immediately jumps in to get her hands dirty.

Do not even think about taking this away from me again, I don't care if the entire state runs out of pudding, I'm not giving this spatula up! (I'm only guessing as to her thoughts here ;)

I’ll measure up on the counter but bring the bowl to her so she can help/watch me stir.

Was that 1 tablespoon or 2?

When I have to peel the fruit or veg, I get on the ground and do that with her. Any chopping I do up on the counter of course (safety first!).

Pip always has her own tools to use (bang around / eat with). I’ll give her a small spatula and a bowl at the very least, and if the carrot peelings are on the ground that’s just an added bonus.

Sprinkles are serious business

Mix, stir, measure, pop in the tins and into the oven they go…. twenty minutes later, a yummilicious treat and a happy, stimulated baby and mama!


Our current favorite recipe is Apple, Oatmeal and Coconut Muffins. They’re delish and so great to have around the house for a snack! Do you have a favorite recipe to share, or perhaps a favorite cooking story? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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22 Responses to Sugar & Spice & Baking on the Kitchen Floor

  1. What a great idea! It makes me sad (again) that we have a carpeted kitchen. Really, who does that?! But I could at least do vegetables on the floor, even if I don’t want to try to scrub out messier things. Thanks for the inspiration! (And your daughter is adorable!)

    • LOLOL @ who carpets a kitchen. People do some funny things to their houses, don’t they? Hopefully your kiddo will be big enough soon to stand up and help at the kitchen table- although it sounds like you might need a sheet on the floor either way. Flour has a way of flying! ;) Thanks for reading!

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  3. You are DEDICATED! You also need a Learning Tower – I have loved the fact that Kieran can be right up with me in the kitchen and I don’t have to worry about him falling ;) Thank you for sharing – what a fun way to connect creatively with your daughter!

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  11. Hannah says:

    Love the sound of that muffin recipe, especially as we have no quick breakfast ingredients for tomorrow. I could just about pull that together I think… thank you! For a healthy super easy kid recipe, I love these cookies:

  12. mudpiemama says:

    Aww that last picture is fabulous! looks like you are having tons of fun in the kitchen together!!!

  13. Oh I hear you – I love the creative process of baking and I absolutely agree that getting onto the kithen floor is one of the best things to do. In the summer we love to sit on the back doorstep in the sunshine chopping things up, shelling peas – it’s so lovely. Thanks for sharing about a little part of your life with us!

  14. Amy E. Willa says:

    Pip is adorable! I also love to bake with my daughter – but I always have her join me at the counter or we sit at the table together. I never baked with her when she was as young as your little one. But if I had thought to move the action to the floor, then I might have! At almost 3, Abbey is obsessed with sprinkles, frosting, and stirring. . . but she likes to crack eggs as well. She’s getting pretty good at it!

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  16. That is so awesome! I love how you get down and show her what you’re doing, like peeling, even if it’s not something she can necessarily do yet.

    We have a learning tower as well and love it (if I baked or cooked on the floor, I would be coughing up hairballs from all the stray dog and cat hair). It’s nice to see someone with a clean kitchen floor! (Can you come clean mine now?)

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  18. That’s exactly what we do! While I drool over Learning Towers and the like, our galley kitchen has no room to bring my kid to the counters — so I bring the preparation to him! I love the joy in this post!

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  20. Great photos! Reading this reminds me of how much I love baking and that I haven’t done enough of it since my son was born (20 months ago!). Time to pull out my favorite flax, carrot & apple muffin recipe…

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