Breastfeeding for Brain Cells and Fingernails

Today is the final day of World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I’d sneak in under the wire to share my thoughts on my breastfeeding experience.

Before becoming a mother, I never really had an opinion on breastfeeding. I knew I would try it, but I barely even knew why I should try it. My motivation rested somewhere along “it’s good for the baby, right?” and “it’s cheaper than formula.” Well, I’ve come a long way in 16 quick months, from “trying” it to living and breathing it like a mantra.

I’ve breastfed in 3 countries, 4 states. I’ve done it in flight and in airports. I’ve done it on the subway and of course in cars. I even did it on a hay wagon ride.

I’ve done it outside on the lawn and on the beach. In restaurants and on the side of the road. In the supermarket, in church, in changing rooms at Target.

At Starbucks. At a parade. In the children’s section of the library. In the mall. With a coverup (maybe twice). Mostly, without.

In the shower and yes, in the tub. In the pool. At work. On the phone. At daycare. I even asked to do it in the ambulance.

I did it within moments of giving birth; I did it moments ago.

With my husband, next to my husband, in my husband’s arms.

Every night, for the last 16 months, in bed.

Spring, summer, fall, winter, in all seasons, in all temperatures, in all temperaments. In a Moby wrap, Baby Bjorne, our new Boba, on a boppy and in my arms. Always in my arms.

I’ve breastfed for comfort, for sleep… sweet sleep. I’ve done it for health and strength, in happiness and in love. For bonding and helplessness and a lack of knowing what else to do.

I’ve done it for hunger. I’ve done it for life. I’ve done it for brain cells and fingernails. I’ve done it for convenience, for ease, for a penny saved. For my mom, for my sisters, for my girlfriends.

I’ve done it for her.

I’ve done it for me.

15 months and going strong




I’m celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Natural Parents Network!

You can, too — link up your breastfeeding posts from August 1-7 in the linky below, and enjoy reading, commenting on, and sharing the posts collected here and on Natural Parents Network.


(Visit NPN for the code to place on your blog.)


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4 Responses to Breastfeeding for Brain Cells and Fingernails

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful tribute to one of your most precious gifts to – and from – your daughter. <3

  2. Carrie Schoenholtz says:

    What a simply beautiful post Carrie! I have goosebumps. What a special gift for both of you.

  3. Patisa says:

    I got tears in my eyes when I read this. How touching!

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