To my great delight, Pip has started saying “mama” and “mommy.” It makes me blush and giggle and sigh in secret and deep ways. Sometimes she points to herself, then to me, and other times she’ll point to my breasts while saying it. Doesn’t matter. She finally has a word to put with who I am, and the important things I have for her (namely, milk haha), and it thrills me.

That lasted about a day before she started to string another word with “mommy,” namely, “No.” And it goes something like this, when she wants or doesn’t want something, “No mommy no mommy no!” followed by a string of babbles that sounds like she is giving me a detailed what for.

Then came the wagging finger.

“No mommy no mommy no!” with a wagging finger in my face. And a serious reprimanding expression. Oh my god. It’s pretty hysterical,and I adore her for her surety and new-found vocalized independence.  I have to fight to keep the smile off my face and instead take her little commands seriously. Knowing her wants and needs – it’s what I always wanted, right? ;)

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One Response to Mommy!

  1. I love this stage, too. They’re adorable when they’ve developed the skills to express their big emotions, aren’t they? And the comic you shared has me chuckling. Thank you for the giggles.

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