Sunday Surf

Welcome to today’s Sunday Surf!

The Sunday Surf includes some of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy!

  • MemoMuse wrote a poignant funny and raw look at being a Stay at Home Mom… her discussion about trrrrying to put your little one to bed really resonated with me.
  • This post at Talk Birth on that trite “You’ll miss this” statement made me want to cheer, and then cry, as I read about the beautiful moments with the little ones whose lives we get to witness.
  • Check out this cool give-away of “Stress Release for Parents CD” happening at Authentic Parenting in conjunction with Peaceful Parenting Institute. I love guided meditations and rely on them a lot myself!
  • Natural Parenting Carnival for July received so many awesome posts on Parenting Philosophy. I didn’t participate this month but you can check out the entries at the bottom of Hobo Mama’s post that I enjoyed on Having an Allowance
  • The truth of how pervasive the BPA chemical is in our daily lives, and how to avoid sneaky BPA as best as possible
  • Some fun, unconventional loot bag ideas for the next kiddy party or get-together you host

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3 Responses to Sunday Surf

  1. memomuse says:

    Thanks for featuring my essay here.

  2. memomuse says:

    I feel honored to be a Sunday Surf! Thank you again.

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