Nah Nah

My sweet little Pip has started saying her name! I never even thought about this before, as she’s learning how to say “mama” and “laura” and other family member names, that she would be saying her own name soon too!

She’s taken to calling herself “nah nah” which confused me at first since I thought she was saying “nona” to all the photos of my mom. But I think she was saying “nah nah.” She’s gotten really good at saying “nah nah nooooo” to indicate her nose. haha!

Our ability to communicate has been skyrocketing and it just thrills me to be able to realize and meet her needs now simply by listening to her words! For instance yesterday she wanted me to open the top of a basket, and after trying to do it herself she turned to me and said “Ope” and we both grinned like fools at each other when I did it.

We’ve been reading a nursery rhyme book every night as well. She’s really taken with two in particular, “Are you sleeping” and the “Teddy Bear” rhyme.  She sing-songs the “are you sleeping” over and over again, especially when she first sees me or my husband after work. She says, in rhythm, “doe doe dah, doe doe dah” and then grins and rocks to the “melody” when we sing the song. As soon as we finish that one she starts saying “nooo nooo” and pointing to her nose. Sometimes it takes me a few seconds before I realize she wants me to then sing the “teddy bear, teddy bear touch your nose” rhyme. Hee! It is so cool to have her tell me what she wants to hear and then be able to give it to her!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Touch Your Nose


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2 Responses to Nah Nah

  1. lauren says:

    Aww Carrie, that is SO sweet :) It makes me so excited for what’s to come with Gwen. That’s such an adorable pic too, she’s getting so big :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Priceless!! <3

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