(Nearly) 15 Months Development

Pip turns 15 months next week and the last few weeks have been huge in her physical development. She’s suddenly crawling where she only scooched before, and she is climbing UP now, like up onto her wee-sized overstuffed chair.  Her horizons are definitely expanding, as she also climbs up on the chair and then over onto the ottomon or the big couch. Uh oh!

Here comes the part where they all tell us life changes once again!

She’s pulling herself up to stand, and her little legs are a thing of beauty as they wobble and adjust for balance while we walk. I could eat them. Have I said that recently? Because I think it all the time.

Her learning keeps stunning me.  For instance the other day we were sitting on the lawn and she was pulling up the grass. In an effort to distract her from eating them (her favorite outside hobby) I showed her how to put the picked blades into her little sand bucket.  We had fun filling it up and dumping it out. Several minutes later I got up and tended to the garden. When I turned back to look at her, she was methodically picking the grass and piling it all into the bucket. My heart skips a beat when I see this. The way and rate at which little kids learn just takes my breath away.

Piling the grass on mama

Her vocab is so fun for me, too! Nona, Papa, Laura, Jackson (for the dog) all play a starring role in her conservations.  She’s also picked up on “Okay” which I am constantly saying when I’m refocusing myself or changing tasks, hahaha. I think she’s saying “flower” too but it sounds very similar to Laura, so perhaps she just thinks Aunty Laura is a flower. ;)  Then there’s “Nnnnno” for “nose” (very different from the short, clipped “no” for NO), which she accompanies with a finger point and press. She can show her belly and touch her head. And we love the “coocoo clock” song, so coo-coo has become a big hit.

This last weekend was pretty miserable as she suffered a wicked ear infection. It is probably the worst ear infection she’s had (and she’s had several). We had just gone to the doctor to check her ears and was given the all-clear, so we didn’t expect it.  She started showing her pain by stopping nursing! This was accompanied with very painful and deliberate biting on her part. I didn’t know if she was testing things or expressing herself or on a nursing strike. I did know that babies under 18 months rarely wean themselves abruptly.

Still, it was very trying as I had to pump every time she’d normally nurse, and we couldn’t use breastfeeding as a way to get her nice and drowsy. And because her ear hurt when she laid down she cried bloody murder at nap and nighttime. I think my husband and I spent more night hours awake than asleep the last five days combined.

Thankfully she’s on meds now and after a few days of TLC with mum, she’s on the mend and even started nursing again, although intermittently. Yay! Here’s hoping my supply kept up with the slowdown of the past few days.

We’re looking forward to a visit from our friends from overseas, who are expecting their first child! I’m sure Pip will show them all the gifts and excitement that a new baby brings to a household… for better or worse. ;)


Enjoy your 4th!

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