Rainy Day Adventures

This post was written for the June Families, Create! blog carnival. This month our theme is Adventure.

Pip is 14 months old and at a wonderful age where she not only notices the world around her, she can now respond and interact with it.  Observing and interacting are great skills for adventurers of all ages! Sometimes rain can deter us from being outdoors, but Pip’s curiosity and the warm weather recently inspired us to go on our first Rainy Day Adventure.

When we first stepped outside, it became clear that rainy days can be extra special. Rainy days slow you down, which gives you a chance to notice more of the world around you.  As we observed the rainy day, I couldn’t help but notice that rainy days engage all of our senses.

When it first starts raining, we see the raindrops slip and slide down the window glass.  Outside, we can see the splashes in puddles as the rain hits the ground, and the drops falling off umbrellas and trees.

Raindrops on petals

Rain is noisy! We hear the sound the rain makes as it pitter-patters on the roof, the windows, the pavement. We can hear the loud crack of thunder in a thunderstorm, and the sound of the wind blowing if it’s agitated.

Can you hear it?

We feel the moisture on our hands, faces and legs. Our hair gets wet, and we blink our eyes to keep the raindrops out.

We taste the rain with our tongues, our mouths open and turned up to the sky to catch the falling water.

We smell the scent of the rain, the rich moisture in the earth as it dampens, the wet pavement, and the wet mulch beneath our flowers.

Smelling the rain-soaked daisy

Smelling the rain-soaked daisy

Our rainy day sensory adventure inspired me to think of other adventures rainy days can offer. It turns out there’s a lot to do if we’re just willing to get a little wet!

We can splash in the puddles. We can collect rain-soaked flowers and lay them out to dry. We can spin an umbrella over our heads and look at the colors, or the way the rain flies off it. We can go on a rain hike and experience the woods in a rainy nature. We can collect rain in buckets, or set up a rain barrel and use the rain to water our plants on sunny days. We can draw pictures of the rain. We can learn how the rain serves the earth, and us.

And there are always rain songs to sing as we explore and experience. The few we belted out were, “Singing in the Rain,” “Rain Rain Go Away,” and “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.”

The next time it rains, and we bemoan the fact it’s not a “beach day” I am going to rethink not going and consider making it a “rainy beach day.” Who knows, it might turn out even more special than we think… and isn’t the discovery of something new the point of adventure?

Do you have any special adventures you like to do on rainy days? Do you know any other rainy day songs we can sing? Share in the comments- I love hearing from you!

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June’s theme for the Families Create! challenge was adventure, and our participants didn’t have to go far to find some. Check out these adventures that were found in the backyard or around town:

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Dionna at Code Name: Mama and her family created an impromptu summer adventure complete with water play, a bus ride, and a picnic.
Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children built a backyard fire pit with the help of her children, which necessitated the ultimate campfire accessory – marshmallows!

Please join the Families Create! Make and Play Challenge in July. This month’s theme is swashbucklers!

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7 Responses to Rainy Day Adventures

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  2. boheime says:

    Thank you for sharing. Simple adventures are so often the best ones. I love a good rainy day! :)

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  6. Hannah says:

    I loved reading this gentle journey through your exploration. A timely read for me as rain is on the horizon and I’ll have four small ones to entertain tomorrow; thank you!

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