I love you

I love baby sign language. I love sign language in general. My maternal grandparents were both deaf, and while they read lips (!) I always enjoyed learning a few sign words especially for them.

I’ve used sign language with the Pip sporadically. The sign for massage (rubbing my hands together) excites her so much I used to have to be careful when using hand sanitizer because she’d think it was massage time! We’ve also used the sign for milk, which Pip started using to my great delight (but has now abandoned for simply pushing my shirt up, haha).  I think she’s picked up on the sign for “duck” as well, quack quack.

The latest sign she suddenly started repeating to me is “I love you.” This has always been one of my very favorite signs, and since it’s pretty much universally known I can use it with anyone.

I’ve always done it to her, saying the words and shaking my wrist back and forth as I say “I love you.”  The other day she started shaking her wrist back at me. She can’t quite put her two middle fingers down but she holds her fingers extended and moves her wrist from side to side. Then she’ll grab my hand and hold it up so I’ll do it back to her… and once one hand is going she’ll grab the other to make sure I do it with both hands. We spent about twenty minutes doing this the other night before bed.


Yesterday when I got home from work Pip and hubby were hiding under a blanket, waiting for me. I creeped up, pretending to look for them, then slipped under the blanket. Pip grinned, then looked up at Daddy and grinned at him, as if to say “look, can you believe she’s home?!”

Then she turned back to me, extended her fingers, and shook her wrists at me.

I love you, too, Pip.

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