The Finger

Pip has ten fingers. Daddy’s wrapped around a pinky. All of her grandparents are wrapped around the other.

Perfect Pinky Wrapping

I’ll let them have the pinkies, for I’m partial to another finger… not the sweet ring, not the slender middle or even delectable Thumbalina.

My favorite finger is Pointer. AKA, her new best bud.

A Great Point

This finger, she pops up all throughout the day. She is curious. She is excited! She is a question? She is an observation. She’s a demand- now!

She’s the noisiest finger there ever was.

She says: You. I see you. Show me. Take me. Give me. Look. Explain!

Nosy, too.

What is that. Who is that. I want that. Can I touch that. Not this, that!

She is a discoverer, an explorer, a navigator. She’s the boss.

The Boss

But most of all, for everything she says in this one simple movement, above all else I love this finger, because she’s  Wonder.

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2 Responses to The Finger

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your writing is a treasure, a marvel, a wonder! One day Pip will say to you, “THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!”

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