13 Month Developments

Pip’s biggest new development this last week is the ability to push herself up to sitting from lying down. She’s a bit unique in that she evolved around the need to crawl; she is a scoocher, and can get anywhere simply by scooching her bum forward. She doesn’t even need to use her hands anymore, but when she does, boy can she fly! But she was never able to purposefully (and repeatedly, ha) get up to sit up on her own if she was lying down.

She discovered she could do this on the bed, where it’s a bit softer and easier to move and roll around. But now she can do it anywhere, like in the crib or on the floor. And the BEST part of all this is the *SMILE* she gives after she grunts and manuevers herself through child’s pose and up into a kneeling then sitting pose. Her smile is pure, unadulterated pride. This particular smile is so heartfelt and happy that it’s definitely one of my favorite things that she’s ever done.  Sadly, this too must pass, and now after less than a week, it’s “old hat,” and there’s no big fanfare after she sits up. Still, I’m hoping I can catch that smile on camera..although I can see it in my mind any time I want. :)

Pip can brush her own hair now, I guess she’s been doing this for a couple weeks. She more often than not gets the right side of the brush down on her head and makes the brushing motions. It’s awesome.

“This Little Piggy” has become a household favorite and Pip’s shown her delight with it by tickling her fingers over her ribs every time we do the nursery rhyme. She also does a specific noise with sticking her tongue in and out as we do it. I’m surmising that’s something she picked up from daycare for the “wee wee wee” bit.  It’s impossible not to love.

Another of my favorite things Pip has ever done is her newest habit of kissing my breast after she finishes nursing. OH. My. God! Talk about making her mama melt! She’s done this intermittently in the past, but now nearly every time we’re done nursing she leans in and gives me a noisy kiss of thanks and love.  Definitely a mommy highlight.

Along with her kissing she now makes a sweet little “Pop” sound to accompany a kiss. She opts not to do the pucker and instead makes a sweet circle with her lips to make the noise. Needless to say, the amount of kissing around here has increased tenfold. And who could complain about that? :)

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