Weekend in Photos

We took a family vacation this weekend, and had a great (exhausting) time! (Trips with the Pip has taught me a lot about my life and expectations post-baby…. but that’s for a later post. :)

We’re so lucky to live within a short drive of the ocean. Once we were settled in, the beach was our first stop.

Winter Mermaids

There were lots of magical things to discover at the beach, and it’s so exciting that Pip’s of an age now where she can notice some of these things.

A Yummy Shell

It was too cold for a typical beach day but there was still lots to do on the beach. This beach doesn’t usually have any sea glass, but there was art on the beach in a variety of places, if you paid attention.

Messages from the Ocean

Buried Treasure

"Stroller Art" - hubby

She didn’t even have to be on the beach to enjoy the pail and shovel!

All the Beach Without Any of the Sand

Of course, even on overcast days you have to be prepared for the sun.

Go Daddy

Turns out Pip loves the ocean. I’m not surprised, since the salt water is in my blood, too. When we did the ocean walk the first time, she quietly stared at the intense waves, listening to them roll onto the shore and play marbles with all the rocks as they went back out again.

But even more fun for the Pip than the ocean or the DVD open/close button was dinner time. My social butterfly adores being out and about where she can watch and smile at all the people within a 50 foot radius of her.

Little Charmer

It rained, too, but as my mother-in-law said, we were in a lovely place to watch the rain.

Wet Tulip

And the rain really was just something new to explore.

All Smiles

Of course, the beach is the perfect place to leave Love Notes to your loved ones.

Sand Notes

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2 Responses to Weekend in Photos

  1. What a fab looking day. I’m envious that you live so close to the ocean (although I do live in a great part of the world too ;) ) And that tulip is something else; ours are over so thanks for sharing that lovely image.

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