13 Month Old Developments

Pip’s been delighting us this week with her latest discoveries.  The first is thanks to the singing balloon that Daddy got her for her birthday. It sings “happy birthday”…twice… when you hit it.  Since it’s taken up residence in our house over the last few weeks, Pip has gone from being afraid of it, to eying it dubiously, to thrusting her arms up in the air to try to hit it to make it sing, to shaking her body in sync with it when it does go off.

Pip's older sibling

And today she’s started mimicking it. To our amazement, her latest word is “happy” occasionally followed by a baby-word that resembles “birthday” in syllables.

Having your daughter go around saying “happy” has a way of making you smile.

Her other new adventure is trying to putting on her own socks and shoes – after pulling them off first, of course! She can spend several minutes in intense concentration pressing the socks up against her foot.

I know they go on here

When she can’t actually get them back on, silliness ensues.

I can put them up here!

“Happy” 13 months, Pip!

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