1 year old developments

I thought I’d give an update the new things Pip’s been doing. Every day she changes and does something new, and I want to freeze frame each moment so I can remember, recall and appreciate it all. But obviously I can’t so I will at least attempt to write them down, to document all that I see as she learns and grows.

Brushing her teeth has been a huge hit lately. This is something we started doing for her when she was around 10 months but within the last few weeks she’s really participated.

10 Months Old Teeth Brushing

Her teachers tell me they have the kids brush their teeth after lunch, too, so I know she’s getting practice there. But at home we’ll bring her into the bathroom and when we get in front of the mirror, she knows, and she points at her toothbrush and starts saying “ahhh” the way you do when you’re at the dentist.  We used to brush for her but now she wants to hold the toothbrush.  Most days her “brushing” alternates between putting the toothbrush against her gums/teeth (she never eats it or bites it or chokes herself with it, so she knows how to use it, in theory) and just holding it while she “spits.” Her “spitting” is hilarious- she sticks her lower lip up over her top lip and blows air out. It’s so adorable! I have to get a video of it!

12 Month Brushing Teeth

Some of the other amazing things Pip is doing lately includes communicating to us her preferences.  If there is something she wants, or doesn’t want, she lets us know it. For instance, earlier this week she and I were outside on the driveway and she was “riding” her princess truck around. We went up and down the driveway and the front path, pressing the buttons (another word she learned) to announce her arrival. We both had a lot of fun and she squealed when we went fast, lifting her feet up off the ground. Eventually I got tired from bending over so I told her we would have to stop for today, and when I picked her up she did her “mad fish” full body flap where she jerks herself forward and back to illustrate her disapproval. (I acquiesed and we did a few more turns before heading in lol.)

Beep Beep!

Eating is another place she’s getting more adept at showing us what she likes and doesn’t like. When anything graces her high chair tray that she doesn’t like, without even blinking she will grab the food and toss it over her shoulder. We end up laughing into our shoulders, especially at first, because her stoic refusal and aggressive throw is hysterical- but we know we shouldn’t laugh because eventually it will encourage her! It wasn’t so easy for Uncle David to restrain himself at Easter, though; when Pip flung a full asparagus stalk off the tray he got a kick out giving her another and another to see her continue to do it. The dogs were happy, at least. ;) This was their first visit where they realized hanging out under her seat would yield some pretty yummy rewards.

Pip loves bath time- she understands the word “bath” (and we try to do the sign, but I’m not sure if we’ve done it enough for it to connect yet) and loves to watch the water fill the tub. Sometimes we take a bath together and other times she splashes and plays around in her kiddo tub. When it’s time to get out she lets us know she’d rather stay and splash around by folder her arms and turning her body away! Seeing her communicate like this simply amazes me every time!

*Quick Update: Last night’s teeth brushing led to the first time she tried to brush mama’s teeth! What a helpful Pip!

Brushing Mama's Teeth

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6 Responses to 1 year old developments

  1. Joy says:

    The tooth brushing story is adorable! Great pictures. How cute. I was bad with my son – didn’t start brushing until around 2 or so. You have really gotten a great start. I also have found some helpful info and tips on this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Teeth (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/). Hope it will be helpful.

  2. Tini says:

    Hahaha! Love this! :) also looks like she might want to be singing into that tooth brush!! :) the school thing is super helpful. I know it has helped with J. He tells me sometimes that I am not doing the “right” kind of circles to make sure I hit every tooth! :) they are soooo wise! xo

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