Love Notes Dedication

Hi Pip,

So this is my first post here on wordpress and I thought it would be great to start with my dedication, or mission statement as it were. I am dedicating this blog – in whatever form it eventually takes, be it note-collector to random musings to activist rantings – to my sweet daughter Pip.

With each day you change. Every day something new catches your eye, and you grow. I try to notice everything, but in reality probably only catch 10% of all that you learn and do. And I don’t want to forget it all.

Everyone says the time passes so quickly. It’s true. It’s one year after you’ve been born, and I feel like I’ve only just blinked. I don’t want to forget all the lovely moments and incredible ways you learn and grow.

So that’s my purpose- to try and capture, even slightly, the magic that is you. Anything else that this blog brings… be it insight, suggestions or even a smile to my friends, is simply a very yummy buttercream icing on the cake.

These are my love notes to you.

love, mama

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One Response to Love Notes Dedication

  1. Jennifer says:

    Writing — in spiral notebooks, on cards, in emails (to me please!), in journals, on Air France airsick bags like B — is in your soul, one of your most special gifts. So by all means, preserve it here for little Pip (!) and for all us lucky ones who get to share it. <3

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